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20 Upselling Techniques That Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

Upselling techniques is an important skill for salespersons for it can profit a company by a lot. By tweaking a few techniques, and making some smart moves, it is possible for a company to gain a lot more form the sales it already makes.

Important upselling techniques you need to know if you love your customers

  1. Do your homework. It is vital that the salesperson knows the product really well, inside out to be able to sell it at a high price.
  2. Use techniques according to customers. Every customer is different, so use a different technique with different buyers to amplify sales.
  3. Listen to your customers. Trying to upsell something off to a customer who is simply looking, can harm sales by making that customer permanently disappear.
  4. Ask a lot of questions. Read your customer, see what they buy, and try to recommend things that go with it.
  5. Be comfortable. No buyer wants to talk to a stiff person. The more flexible you come out to be, the more you get to know about the buyer and what you could upsell them.
  6. Make conversation (one of the must upselling techniques). Talk about the product with the customer, if they have used it before, how you have used it. These small talk make customers want to purchase further.
  7. Suggest, do not force. Customers are not dumb. They know when you are trying to force a product onto them.
  8. Provide lots of options. A very subtle way of upselling is to provide many similar options instead of one, so the customer can choose and buy.
  9. Leave the prices to the customers is on of the most important upselling techniques. Your job as a salesperson is to suggest products not prices. Let buyers decide for themselves if prices are too high or too low.
  10. Let your customer know of the long term values. Customers are generally drawn towards things that have a long shelf life, so highlight this point in order to make an upsell.
  11. Don’t just upsell products, upsell quality too. Suggest better quality products to customers that they will develop connections with and will come back for.
  12. In order to sell an expensive item, make sure to focus on the features that will hook the buyer.
  13. In order to gain customers trust show them a cheaper option of a product, but not the cheapest. They will guaranteed come back for more.
  14. It is normal for customers to steer away from expensive items, but sometimes they get bothered and leave. Don’t let that happen and simply try to sell the cheaper version instead to such customers.
  15. Reassure your customers that the purchase was their decision, so the company does not get the blame if the customer ends up not liking a product.
  16. Be super nice to your buyer, this simple technique hooks a lot of customers.
  17. Let customers touch, hold and feel the product before purchase. This upselling techniques seals a lot of deals.
  18. Offer a range of expensive prices, so even if the customer goes for the cheapest, it will be a win.
  19. Do not go overboard with recommendations.
  20. After a successful sale give your card to the buyer, so they know where to look next time they need something.

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