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14 Sales Prospecting Tips to Boost Your Revenue

Nobody likes to pick up the phone only to speak to someone who clearly sounds insincere. As the caller, you have to have some sales prospecting tips – show sincerity, warmth and care, offer help, ask about their problems and their concerns, so the buyer does not feel offended enough to hang up.

14 important sales prospecting tips that affect your sales results

  1. Boost your confidence level. Coming out as unconfident can make you lose your customer for good. Even if you are not too sure about what you are talking about, do not let the customer understand that.
  2. Consult, do not sell. When speaking with a buyer to prospect sales, talk to them like a consultant, offer advice, make conversation, and not simply a person who has called to sell.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. This is one of the most important sales prospecting tips !Making mistakes during such calls are inevitable, but in order to increase your sales, you need to learn from them.
  4. Be thorough in your research. Before calling a buyer you must know everything about the buyer and the product to not come out as an amateur.
  5. Be lively. Being on the phone all day can drain you off your energy, but it is important to stay upright and come out as an energetic person to the buyer.
  6. Be consistent. After a few rejections it can be hard prospecting sales, but a good tip is to stay positive and work harder. Who knows, the nest one might just work out!
  7. Understand your buyer. If the prospect does not seem like a good fit, do not push the product onto them.
  8. Be calm. To increase sales a lot of people can overflow the prospect with information, don’t do that.
  9. Maintain simple sales CRM for small teams. This will help the company on the long run.
  10. Make good conversation. It is important to come out as friendly to the prospect, not too much, not too little, but just enough to land the buyer.
  11. Loosen up. Your prospect should understand you are a human, and not a machine giving off details of a product.
  12. Make the prospect feel important, by talking about them and their issues.
  13. Be organized. Keep lists of prospects and conversations for future use.
  14. Make use of all the sales prospecting tips you know of. The more the merrier.


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