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SaaS metrics

Useful Tricks From The Experts to Boost Your SaaS Metrics

What`s the story behind SaaS metrics?

The main reason to consider SaaS metrics in the first place is to keep track of not only how much the business grows. But also to pinpoint exactly whatever it is that is not adding to the profitability of the business. Here’s where SaaS metrics come into play. Businesses tend to opt for SaaS metrics to limit their tracking to the more important parts of their business. The key metrics are selected carefully. Focusing mainly on the ones that will measure the success of the business.

3 main SaaS metrics

The first SaaS metrics is MRR(Monthly Recurring Revenue). In SaaS businesses, the initial investment needed to build the business from scratch is provided by the manufacturer. After it has proven its credibility to potential customers. And have managed to bring these potential customers on board with its stability. Then only do the businesses start collecting monthly subscriptions from its customers. The MRR is given more importance because it is the amount of revenue the business is adding to or losing from their expected amount to receive every month. It is extremely crucial to track the MRR. Because it will give you an idea of just how many stops the business has to pull out to achieve its expectations.

The second SaaS metrics is Churn. This basically keeps track of the number of customers that leave for good. When the amount recorded is high, it pushes the business to go back to its roots and ponder on what exactly it is they are doing wrong. Say it is the product itself, this makes the business focus on sending out improved products that are altered to the liking of their customers.

The third SaaS metrics is Cost per Acquisition. What this measures is the expenses made by the business on marketing and sales. In order to make sure that a certain product reaches all the layers of the marketing world. It is very easy for a business to lose track of just how much it is spending to make sure its product is received on a larger scale. Keeping track of such expenses will help the business to prioritise their marketing strategies better.


For a starter SaaS business. These three are the most important SaaS metrics to be kept track of. Once the business has flourished and managed to stand on a stable ground. It is encouraged that they opt for more branches of SaaS metrics which will undoubtedly make their work a lot easier. And also help them envision an much simpler endgame.

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