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NPS score calculation

Easiest Ways of Doing NPS Score Calculation

What is NPS score calculation?

NPS or net promoter score is a range that measures how willing a customer is to recommend a certain product or company to others. In other words, NPS score calculation shows how satisfied a customer is with a company’s products. NPS score calculation ranges from -100 to 100 and is a proxy used by companies.

All customers are asked a single survey question for the NPS score calculation that how likely are they to recommend the company to others. “On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend us to your friends, family or business associates?” Customers who mark below 6 are known as Detractors, customers who tick 7 or 8 are called passives. The others who tick 9 and 10 are called Promoters.

How to calculate it?

The NPS score calculation can be done by deducting the percentage detractors from the percentage promoters. The score that we get is called the NPS. For example if all buyers gave a rating below 6 the NPS score would become -100. And if all customers had answered 9 or 10 then the NPS would become 100.

Because it is so easy to calculate this method it is being widely used by companies. Companies share their NPS score calculation with their employees. Which acts as a form of motivation for them to work harder to better satisfy customers. The results help the company know how their customer service is working, and gives them chances to improve on it as well. The higher the NPS of a company, the healthier the company is.

NPS surveys could be used to not only know how much customers will recommend the company. But also their own experience with the company. Numerous questions could be put in the survey to be able to do both. This will help the company improve in all aspects.

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