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7 Sales Enablement Platforms That Improve Your Productivity

The sales enablement platforms work as a storehouse of all kinds of data related to sales and marketing. These platforms are implemented to help align marketing and sales strategies.

The top 7 sales enablement platforms are:

App Data Room

This sales enablement platform goes beyond sales asset management by including lead generation. Also the option of creating content from scratch. It also includes solutions from Modus Engagement promising an interactive engagement between the customers and your team.


The motive of the founding members of Refract was to fix sales coaching. Here demos, meetings, emails and calls can be shared within peers. Refract has quickly become a well known sales enablement platforms amongst leading organizations globally.

HubSpot Sales

This software provides prospect database searching, email tracking. Also auto-dialer with call recording, sharing and logging. A top notch sales enablement platform that ensures everything is done efficiently.


Ebsta is focused on sales. This platform includes accurate customer data and an email toolkit for faster, more productive work.


A sales enablement platforms that focuses primarily on finding the right prospects. Narrows down just the right potential customer to call which lead to more made deals. Ving is really good tool with real time notifications. A dashboard to represent all your previous practices in their best light.


It allows the user to upload and visualise multiple layers of data. This sales enablement platform helps you manage and assign tasks very easily.


It is a cloud-based app that works to boost the outbound of your sales efforts. No longer do the sales representatives have to manually dial the numbers. They can easily make calls through the internet. View more about CrazyCall.

Sales enablement platforms are used to provide salespersons with relevant content. These contents help the sales person to be well prepared during calls and presentations.


If you didn`t find suitable tool you might consider Cloutos for your sales team.

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