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The Best Lightweight CRM for Small Teams

Cloutos helps you to easily track your tasks, manage sales contacts, organize and speed up your sales pipeline. Cloutos is the most simple sales CRM you will ever use.

lightweight crm
Simple UX

New approach to user experience which helps you to save valuable time. Get the most from your sales by easily managing your pipeline activities.


Leave comments directly on To-do`s, Contacts or Deals to discuss project`s progress and further steps with your team members.


Improve your work with Cloutos Analysis. Know who are your main revenue sources, how you and your team members are doing.

Data import/export

If you are new to CRM we have made it very simple and fast to import/export data to Cloutos. Just upload document and Cloutos will take care of it.

Task Management

Forget chaos and undone work. Cloutos To-do`s is your new notebook. Set deadlines, plan ahead and we will remind you what you should be working on.

Safe and secure

We highly respect safety and privacy. All your data is encrypted and backed daily. Each user`s data is private - even we don`t see it.

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